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Tessa Alexanian is a passably-competent programmer, aspiring effective altruist, and former bay area pun-off champion. She met all these fine people after the SF Abortion Access Hackathon in 2017.

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Elizabeth Nash joined the Guttmacher Institute in 1999 and coordinates the efforts of the state team, which analyzes legislative, regulatory and judicial actions on reproductive health and rights issues.

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Garin Marschall and his wife, Erika, had to leave New York State to terminate a non-viable pregnancy at 32 weeks due to the state's law. They founded and are patient advocates for access to later abortion care. 


Julie Rosing became enlightened and simultaneously outraged at the erosion of reproductive rights through her work with Lady Part Justice. She now channels her efforts to break stigma and improve access… for example, check out this abortion access navigator:

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Alice Cartwright conducts research on state-level abortion restrictions, online search and abortion, and telemedicine of medication abortion at Advancing New Standards in Reproductive Health (ANSIRH), a collaborative research group within the University of California, San Francisco.


The Abortion Access Hackathon brings together tech & abortion care professionals to create digital tools, apps and more that increase access to abortion care. Post-hackathon, the AAH fosters development of these projects.