US Abortion Legislation in One Place

The Abortion Policy API is an up-to-date tool that categorizes state laws on abortion access for accurate representation.

This tool centralizes all data about abortion policy in the United States.

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Why do we need this tool?

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Abortion access is protected at the federal level, but since Roe v. Wade was voted on by the U.S. Supreme Court in 1973, over 1,000 abortion restrictions have been enacted at the state level.

It is the work of state lawmakers, who pass hundreds of laws each year, that widens the gap between people and their access to abortion care.

In 2010, when social conservatives took control in many state legislatures and governorships a wave of abortion restrictions rolled across the country. 

While some states are supportive of abortion rights, some states are routinely adopting restrictions.

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Abortion restrictions take a toll on patients, but also providers, as the restrictions make can make it very difficult to keep clinic doors open.

To change the practice of restricting abortion via rogue state laws, we need an accurate view of the landscape.